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Five self-care products to include in your daily routine - The Indian Express

Five self-care products to include in your daily routine - The Indian Express

Jul 26, 2021

Sandeep Nair

Squeeze in a few minutes every day to pamper yourself at home -- after all, you deserve it

Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity in the pandemic. For more than a year now, people have been struggling to make sense of this new world, pushing themselves physically and mentally every day to brave the pandemic, while also meeting personal goals and professional deadlines.

Which is why it becomes important to take a break every now and then, and if you are not finding the window to do that, you can always squeeze in a few minutes every day to pamper yourself at home — after all, you deserve it.

With this in mind, Manisha Reetesh Dingra, co-founder of WiZ — which provides high-quality, affordable personal care and hygiene products — shares a list of five self-care products that you can use to take a break from a formidable schedule and give yourself a much-needed boost. Read on.

1. Spa-like bath at home

Soaking in warm water and scrubbing dirt and grime off the body after a long and busy day sounds about right. On top of that, if the body wash has exfoliating properties infused with natural ingredients, aromatic oil extracts and incredible fragrance, it just alleviates the whole bathing process leaving you with relaxed muscles and a peaceful mind.

2. Meticulous skin-care routine: cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser

At the end of the day, removing makeup and cleaning your face is essential for a fruitful self-care session. Start with removing makeup using a makeup remover or makeup remover wipes. Next, slowly and gently apply cleanser on your face and exfoliate to remove dead skin and excess dirt. After doing the cleaning ritual, complete the skin-care routine by moisturising and applying face serum for best results.

3. Soaking feet in warm water and Epsom salt

After standing all day or conducting robust workout sessions, soaking feet in warm water will simply ease the muscle soreness. If you add Epsom salt to warm water, it can offer better results. Since ancient times, Epsom salt has been said to assist people with varied ailments. It contains magnesium sulfate and is known for removing heavy toxins from the body. It can also soften the muscle tissues so that light rubbing can remove the dead skin.

4. Cooling eye orbits and eye massager

After spending hours staring at the computer, laptop or mobile phone screen, the eyes simply start paining. Moreover, an imbalanced sleep cycle can also lead to puffiness and dark circles. It is better to massage the eyes and surrounding area with a cooling eye orbit or an eye massager. Both products are known for getting rid of eye irritation, facial drowsiness and puffiness. It also strengthens the metabolism of the eyes and reduces dark circles.

5. Organic, all-natural digestive and detoxifying tea

Organic tea made with natural stress-busting ingredients such as ashwagandha, lemon grass, chamomile, mint and lavender can quickly relax your muscles and transport you to a peaceful zone. These digestive teas are also natural detoxifiers and improve the nutrient absorption properties of the body. Adding it to the self-care routine can calm your digestive and nervous system.