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5 Skin-friendly Products to keep in your bag to get Rid of Dirt & Pollution - Online Media Cafe - by Neel Achary

5 Skin-friendly Products to keep in your bag to get Rid of Dirt & Pollution - Online Media Cafe - by Neel Achary

Dec 03, 2021

Sandeep Nair

Dhul Mitti aur Pollution aap ki twacha ko nuksaan pahuncha sakte hai, Our skin is susceptible to environmental pollution and, like smog, dust and wreckage increase around us, we pay the price with blocked pores, discolouration and other adverse reactions. So what is the solution? Your best bet is to use some skincare hygiene products that will leave your skin feeling fresh, radiant and free from pollution. Here are some products that you can include in your bag to keep yourself safe from Dirt and Pollution.

Activated Charcoal Spa Bodywash: WiZ Care’s Activated Charcoal Spa Body Wash contains special beads which help exfoliate your skin and leave your skin gentle and soft. Infused with aromatic oil extracts and rich fragrances, it leaves you with a relaxed feeling like a day at the spa. A perfect solution for the start and end of the day to clean and clear all your pores from your skin and replenish it completely. WiZ care spa body wash contains a profound amount of aromatic oil extracts and rich fragrances to refresh your day. The spa is to lighten the stress that lingers in your body muscles and remove the dirt that has been all day with you. It has exfoliating factors to nourish your skin and bring back the original soft and smooth texture.

Refreshing Biodegradable Face & Hand Sanitising Wipes: Made from Viscose Fibre, Wiz Refreshing wet wipes are gentle on the skin due to their high moisture content and leave you feeling fresh with their subtle fragrances. Keeping yourself hygienic and clean is now a breeze with the easy-to-carry wet wipe sachets.WIZ Refreshing Biodegradable Face & Hand Sanitising wipes must-have in everyone’s pocket or bag.

Disinfectant wipes & sprays: Wiz care All Surface Disinfectant spray is a premium solution for regular usage. It is vital for sanitizing every surface that you are surrounded with. The spray is mild for every texture. It does not have to be wiped off and can dry itself on any given surface or place.  The multipurpose disinfectant is notably handy and its 70% alcohol content gives complete protection from germs. It is travel-friendly and useful for all surfaces. It is suitable for the surfaces of vehicles, door handles, grab rails, and restroom stalls. It leaves no stains, no marks.

Charcoal Face wash: Mamaearth charcoal face wash is infused with the goodness of charcoal and coffee which makes it a sheer winner when it comes to oil control. The activated charcoal in the facewash unclogs the pores, exfoliates, and pulls off the toxins dwelling on the skin. What’s more? This face wash revitalises the skin and promotes cell production.

Face Masks: Evening Detox Clay Mask is designed to give your skin a deep detox, This Works’ mask uses exfoliating Malachite and fruit acids to cleanse below the surface of your skin, and kaolin clay to absorb excess oil and impurities. Use once a week for a pollution-fighting glow.